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What is Elder Care Choices?

Elder Care Choices (ECC) is a benefit program provided by your employer to assist you in managing your eldercare responsibilities. Many people think they have to “elect” this benefit in order to access it, but that is not true.

What does Elder Care Choices do?

  • Identify needs and appropriate services for the loved one for whom the employee provides care.
  • Locate resources for older adults living anywhere in the United States.
  • Create a comprehensive referral package, including profiles of services which have been identified. The package is emailed to the employee.
  • Provide assistance with Medicare questions and choosing plans. All ECC counselors are SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) certified.

Who are “caregivers”?

Sometimes people do caregiving tasks and do not even think of themselves as a caregiver. Some examples of caregivers are listed below:

  • Those who provide hands-on help with bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.
  • Those who help with errands (e.g., grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, etc.).
  • Those who drive a loved one to the doctor.
  • Those who help with household chores or yard work.
  • Those who assist with bill-paying and other financial matters.
  • Those who provide a listening ear.
  • Those who help a sibling who is helping a loved one.

How can I contact Elder Care Choices?

  • ECC website is accessible 24/7 – ecc.seniorservicesinc.org. Start a case by going to the website and clicking “request assistance” on the first page.
  • Employees can contact ECC by email – ecc@seniorservicesinc.org.
  • Employees may contact ECC about any older adult that they are assisting with their care
    by calling 336-748-2171.
  • Counselors are available by phone, Monday through Friday. If you need to leave a
    message a counselor will get back with as soon as possible. Employees can call as many
    times as needed about a loved one or themselves.
  • All information shared is confidential.

A list of contracting employers can be found here.

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